Getting more from your books

A lot of people see their accounts as just a necessity, you have to do invoices to get the money in and you have to put your expenses through to lower your tax liabilities. Add VAT into the mix and now you’re having to make sure it’s done digitally and more regular, removing the annual frantic processing of your receipts in January but still only being done because you have to do it.

What we love to do is help you get something back from all this hard work! A lot of our customers now have us produce regular reports for them to be able to see what all those figures actually mean! Using the reports we helped generate recently showed a customer of ours that they were not making as much as they thought from one client who took a lot of their time up and they realised something had to change. Without the reports they thought they made quite a lot as it was a regular client and they did a lot of work for them, however the costs mounted up quickly and they hadn’t realised. 

We hope to help you find positive things too! See what marketing strategies have worked, see how work from clients has grown year on year, there’s loads to be learnt from your books. Let us show you how!

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